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Club Features

  • Dress Code

    Here at 4-play, you should dress to impress. The better you look, the more fun you'll have! The dress code is as follows:

    - No baseball caps. Fedoras, Bowlers and other "dressy" hats are acceptable.
    - No wifebeaters, or ripped t-shirts.
    - Trashed, ripped jeans are a no-no.

  • The Club

    From a open concept dance floor on one end, to a lounging area with couches at the other, there's sure to be a comfortable place to meet and get to know new people!

    Once you're ready to take your partner to the next level, you can go into the private play rooms, you have your choiuce of three private bedrooms (one with a swing!). If you're feeling really brave, you can visit Goliath - the biggest bed for the biggest fun!

  • Calendar

  • Pricing

    Single men allowed on Fridays but you must call the club ahead of time - no exceptions!!

  • Membership

    Membership for couples is 100.00 / year (Including your door entry for the night). We have lowered the cover charge to offset this creating true membership benifits, the more you come out, the more you will save over a year.

    A premium rate of an additional $10.00 will be charged for non members, designed for those visiting and those only able to come out a couple of times a year.

    Single Men are allowed on Friday nights but you MUST call the club to be put on the guest list. You are also allowed on Saturdays if you are accompying a couple or single female.

Contact Us

  • (780) 487-7529

Hours of Operation

  • Summer Hours Now in Effect
  • Doors and Play Rooms Open at 9pm
  • Last Call at 2am